The Langley Heritage Society was formed in 1979 by a group of community-minded individuals concerned with the preservation of Langley’s built and natural heritage. Since then, Langley has become one of the fastest growing areas in British Columbia, making the work of the Langley Heritage Society even more vital.

We aim to:

  • Acquire, hold, improve, preserve, develop and restore structures of historic or architectural value,
  • Advocate for the preservation of Langley’s distinctive built heritage and cultural landscapes,
  • Educate our members and the general public about all aspects of our rich cultural history.

Run entirely by volunteers, the award winning Langley Heritage Society has provided leadership and direction for the awareness, appreciation and maintenance of Langley’s heritage for over three decades.   Since its inception, the Society has worked to preserve the community’s heritage.  One of the first projects was the systematic listing of the community’s heritage resources, many of which date back to the late nineteenth century.

The Society then began to advocate for, and develop ways to preserve many of the community’s threatened heritage resources.   Since the early 1980s, the Society has undertaken several building relocation and restoration projects in partnership with a number of governmental, not-for-profit, and private organizations.  Nine restored buildings are currently under management by the Langley Heritage Society and an additional 15 buildings have been supported in their restoration.  Marking of heritage trees in Langley and financial support of an archaeology excavation for the first Hudson Bay Post in Derby Reach have also been undertaken by the society.

Langley Heritage Society has also acted as a community advocate regarding new development. The society has appealed to local government and developers to maintain official Heritage Guidelines, reminding each why it’s important to uphold such guidelines to sustain historic character and atmosphere. Our past is part of our future.