The Langley Heritage Society (LHS) is a non-profit organization that endeavours to identify and conserve heritage resources, before it’s too late. Successfully preserving our community’s heritage requires a dedicated, grassroots effort, and the society benefits from volunteers throughout the community.

The LHS advocates for the acquisition, conservation and restoration of important historic buildings. The society has led the way in B.C., forging partnerships with local, provincial and federal governments, private partners and other non-profit organizations. Its efforts have been recognized with awards from various organizations over the last 35 years. Its volunteers have saved, restored and continue to manage several buildings in Langley, including the classic CN Station in Fort Langley. Built in 1915, this is one of the few remaining stations like it in the country.

Local government was slow to take up the challenge and it was largely left to the Society to advocate for and develop ways to preserve many threatened heritage resources. The first of the Society’s restoration projects was the Michaud House, an 1888 farmhouse built by the first French Canadian settler family in 1888 in what is now the City of Langley.  Michaud House was one of the last of the old farmhouses left in the city, virtually all of the others having fallen victim to fire or redevelopment.  Its restoration was in partnership with the City of Langley and the Langley Arts Council.  Many relocation and restoration projects have followed.

Here’s how the Langley Heritage Society advocates for local heritage:

  • Researching and creating an inventory of Langley’s built and natural heritage, and through books projects like Langley’s Heritage (1995)
  • Working with local governments to ensure the protection of Langley’s heritage sites
  • Restoring heritage buildings
  • Informing Langley’s citizens of the heritage that surrounds them, and helping educate school children through the society’s School Sponsorship Program
  • Promoting interest in Langley’s heritage through workshops and special events such as Heritage Week
  • Developing and distributing walking tours of Fort Langley and Murrayville
  • Marking the area’s WW I memorial trees

Langley Heritage Society members also participate on the Township of Langley’s Heritage Advisory Committee, which works to promote stewardship and conserve local heritage.