Saved from vandalism. This historic two storey structure was built in 1912,  just down the tracks from the BCE flag station. An adjacent hall was constructed in 1953, and became a popular spot for concerts, dances and whist drives. The church served the community for 50 years, but when parishioners dwindled, the doors were closed for good in 1969. The remaining congregation joined St Andrew’s Church in nearby Fort Langley. BC Electric’s Chilliwack passenger line ceased operation in 1950 when cars and trucks had become a more popular option. Today Southern Railway hauls freight on this portion of the line.

Sperling Church sat vacant for years and was subject to vandalism, including a fire in theatre seats that were stored inside. The Langley Heritage Society was worried this historic building wouldn’t survive and took on a restoration project, adding new concrete footings, a new roof and stairs. Today the church structure is a unique home and studio for a caretaker tenant who is also a talented sculptor — see the horse head photo below. Church images & 1950s photo of Canadian Girls in Training with firewood: LHS. Sperling Church choir photo from 1954 courtesy of Marv Woolley, the fair haired boy in the middle front row.