Early Spirits on Langley Prairie

B.C. was the first province to regulate the sale of alcohol through government liquor stores, beginning in 1921. Langley Prairie's first store (today's Langley City) operated from 1923 to 1933. Former B.C. Liquor Control board employee Ron Hyde helped oversee construction of stores around the province, and sent us these photographs, once destined for the trash heap when the B.C. Liquor Control Board split into the B.C. Liquor Control & Licensing and the Liquor Distribution Branch. A long time historian, Ron never throws away anything of value. "The second Langley Prairie store operated from this (above) location from 1933 - 1941. The liquor store is in the slanted corner of the building with some great views of businesses along the street with store signs etc. The liquor store windows have curtains on them which was a requirement by the B.C. Liquor Control Board on all their stores -- this was [...]

July 25th, 2017|

The Last Run

"Chilliwack & Fraser Valley Way Points". Excerpts from a film shot by Ken Hodgson in 1948/49 and in 1950 including the last trip of the BC Electric Railway Interurban passenger service to Langley. (Hodgson's brother went on to become CEO of BC Transit). This short video includes narration by two former motormen, Frank Horn and Vic Sharman, and features wonderful scenes of an expanding Langley -- described by Frank as, "a pretty modern little town." Two trains serviced the run, one from Vancouver, the other from Chilliwack; they touched noses from opposite directions on that final day. Thank you to Michael Taylor-Noonan, librarian at the Transit Museum Society for sharing this with the Langley Heritage Society. Watch the video HERE.

June 16th, 2017|
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